Case studies

November 2

Top 10 Overhead beams and vertical gardening

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Our Top 10 selection of smart overhead beams and vertical gardening. If you need some ideas for your garden do contact us throguh our ‘Get Inspired’ section.

October 19

Ideas for a small garden

Created by Anna Kapuvari

What to do when you have a small garden? Read our advice about what to avoid, what plants to choose and how to create more space.

September 28

Garden office for family garden

Created by Anna Kapuvari

You need a quiet place to work, think or just be alone for a while? There is no place for that in your house? Make a space for yourself in the garden! Here is a case study of one of our latest completed designs in Fulham. The pictures below show how the garden looked like […]

September 21

Chelsea show gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Remember the hot days of summer? Lets keep on remembering with a new example of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show: the category winner in the artisan section, The Sculptor’s Picnic Garden. Designed by Graham Bodle, the oak branches reminisent of antlers are meant to cerate a semi-enclosed space, a garden of contemplation, tranquillity and relaxation. The […]

July 30

Recent 3D designs

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Have a look at one of our latest designs made in SketchUp: a family garden based in Ealing. Walking out form the house, there is an L-shaped patio with a dining table creating a transition area between the kitchen and the garden. From the dining table, we can view the whole garden: the lawn area, […]

July 15

Recent 3D designs

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Here is one of our latest 3D designs made in SketchUp for a garden near Queen’s Park- featuring cottage planting, raised beds and a quiet writer’s corner at the back. The patio is surrounded with railway sleeper terracing and steps going up to the level of the back garden with a curved cobbled path leading to the back […]

June 16

Planting day in the Chilterns

Created by Anna Kapuvari

One of the best things in gardening is to create a plant border with lots of different colours and textures. We had a lovely planting day in the Chilterns where we planted a 28m long border. Here is how we did it.   The plants are queuing up like soldiers in the front line, ready […]

June 18

The Princess Victoria

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Living Colour Gardens has recently completed a planting installation at this well-known watering hole in Shepherd’s Bush. The Princess Victoria’s beer garden has had a makeover with new plants and pots, as well as some rather creatively designed window boxes….. The image below shows the garden how it was….. And here is the finished look, […]

May 13

Bin Storage

Created by Anna Kapuvari

It always seems such a shame that gardens are often neglected and left looking unattractive by the presence of the essential but aesthetically displeasing collection of refuse bins. This is particularly true in urban areas where bins are often stored at the front of the house for easy access on collection day. Here at Living […]

April 23

Container Gardening

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Container Gardening We really are on a front garden crusade at Living Colour Gardens. As well as designing and installing bin storage units, containers can make such a difference to outside spaces which might otherwise just be left empty or at best, a parking space for the bicycle. Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular, especially […]