Organic and edible gardening

March 11

Top 10 plants for cottage style borders

Created by Anna Kapuvari

If you are interested in creating a beautiful border that will thrive through all the seasons, check out our selection of plants that will spice up your cottage style borders.

March 5

Top 10 best trees for small gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Our top selection of trees used in small gardens.

March 1

Top 10 Planting combinations

Created by Anna Kapuvari

How to create a nice border with seasonal interest all year around? How to make sure there is always something flowering? Have a look in our planting guide for creating the most vibrant and interesting planting combinations.

October 13

Grape harvesting for wine making

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Back at the Living Colour Gardens headquarters, we are very excited that after three years, our grapevine, Vitis vinifera ‘de Bere’ has finally reached maturity and is producing grapes in abundance.  The entire pergola over our decking has a lush covering of grapes and foliage, turning our outdoor seating area into a beautiful shady oasis. […]

August 18

Versatile Lavender

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Get up, shower, dress, coffee, breakfast, out the door, cramped train, work, complaints, motivating, negotiating, worrying, out the building, and home. Home…..where your environment works for you, not the other way round. But we humans need more than walls and central heating. What we need is a bit of me time with a warm, aromatic […]

August 11

Living Colour’s Edible Family Garden – Summer 2011

Created by Anna Kapuvari

My garden, like many others I imagine, is a constant work in progress…. After four years of playing around with ideas whilst my family grew from 1 to 3 rug rats running around causing chaos… I think I have finally come up with the perfect solution …. The idea was to create a garden of […]

March 9

Living Colour’s Edible Family Garden – Spring 2011

Created by Anna Kapuvari

James Walsh’s Edible Garden The dream is to one day move myself and my family to the countryside where we can enjoy a larger piece of land and be able to grow more food and rear animals to feed me, my wife and my 3 children. In the mean time I want to experiment with […]