March 5

Top 10 best trees for small gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari

In London space availability can be constrained, so we must be careful while choosing trees for our tiny gardens. Here is a list of some of our favourite trees that would fit nicely in a small, cosy area.

  1. Olive tree
    This Mediterranean species can flourish in the unique microclimate of London, giving our yard a wonderful silver leaf holiday feel. Can be planted in a border where it will grow somewhat taller or utilised in containers where we can mould the crown into a globose shape. To keep it in the appropriate shape, we must monitor it and prune it frequently.paultons-street_maintenance-41putney-roof-76-b
  2. Specimen Acers
    These trees are among the most adored of all since they stay tiny, have a lovely shape, and have magnificent autumn leaf colour.
    The Acer palmatum-Japanese maple cultivars, such as “Bloodgood,” “Sango-Kaku,” and “Osakazuki,” are the most popular ones.rylett-road-92
  3. Multistem Juneberry trees
    An edible fruit-bearing tree that will thrill you in every season: the winter’s smooth silver-brown branches, spring’s fragrant white blooms, summer’s delicious berries that will draw birds to your garden, and autumn’s stunning red leaf colour.dewhurst-hedgecutting-43garden-maintenance-364
  4. Dwarf Beech tree
    Southern England is home to endemic Fagus sylvatica species, which can naturally reach heights of 35 metres. If you are genuinely interested in these trees, however, you can have a dwarf species in your garden; your best options are Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea Nana’ or Fagus sylvatica ‘Asterix.img_5278
  5. Smoke tree
    One of the trees with the nicest autumnal colour. The best purple cultivars for Cotinus coggygrya are “Royal Purple” and “Flame,” while there are many other purple variants available. Also, you can train them to grow into miniature shrubs or trees.poplar-grove-2
  6. Birch trees
    Not many tree can rival with the white bark of the Betula species. Despite the fact that these trees can get rather tall, their loose, light foliage makes them the ideal tree when we need some dappled shade. A border can be beautifully rhythmic and framed by a row of Betula trees.princess-victoria6garden-of-rooms_pot-and-birch
  7. Judas tree
    Cercis siliquastrum is yet another little, Mediterranean, and highly decorative tree. Cauliflory is a botanical phenomena in which flowers are formed on the tree trunk and ancient brachnes.img_5268
  8. Multistem Crab Apples
    Another delicious tree with several stems that would look beautiful in a border, especially with decorative grasses. While the blossoms require bees and butterflies to be pollinated and the fruit is a favourite food source for songbirds, the crab apples will attract wildlife to the garden. They must be boiled and sweetened, much like a jelly or jam, before being consumed by people. a jelly or jam.neena-maintenance-45neena-maintenance-140
  9. Portugal Laurel
    The Prunus lusitanica ‘Angustifolia’ is the best tree for crown screening since the leaves begins at 1.8 m high, which provides the ideal amount of concealment from prying eyes.
  10. Tree ferns
    These tree ferns, which are native to Eastern Australia yet thrive in London’s climate, are a necessity for an exotic-themed garden.
    They appear particularly attractive when dimly lighted by accent lights.margrit-night-14
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