The garden design, in the form of the Masterplan, will include a separate section dealing specifically with the planting design intended for the garden. This is a very involved process which takes into account the client’s wishes such as a desire for low-maintenance, general considerations such as colour schemes, seasons of interest, and horticultural requirements such as aspect, soil type and moisture content. The planting design must incorporate how the plants will evolve over time not just focus on the short term. It will often take new installations two or three years to reach an established point of fruition.

Detailed planting plans include the full botanical names of each plant along with positions within the garden and quantities per grouping. A plant schedule will be supplied to go with the planting plan which lists the overall quantity, name and sizes required for each plant. These plants are then sourced from the highest quality nurseries both in the UK and abroad, and scheduled for delivery at the planting stage of the garden build.

“The garden looks lovely! The hard landscaping colours go nicely with the plants. Thanks so much – great work!”

– Nina from Acton