Garden design

Having the perfect garden starts with careful planning and design. Expert horticultural knowledge, as well as a keen eye for design and an understanding of the local environment and ecology, are all key elements of the garden design process. The Living Colour Gardens design team has years of experience designing gardens throughout London and beyond and will work with their clients to discuss their requirements and advise about the suitability of the proposed ideas to the given site and overall budget.

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Management & Construction

A beautiful garden design deserves the highest quality of workmanship to bring it from concept to reality. Working closely with the design team, Living Colour Gardens’ highly skilled garden landscaping team will apply their skills and experience to create an outdoor space to be enjoyed for years to come.

The landscaping team’s services are also regularly called upon by other garden designers who do not provide these services themselves, as well as property developers, architects and interior designers with whom Living Colour Gardens has established close and collaborative working relationships.

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Planting Design

A key element of the garden design is the specific and highly skilled area of planting design. A thorough knowledge of plants and their habits can ensure a garden remains an area of beauty and interest all year round. Planting design is the most intricate part of planning a new garden, factoring in how plants evolve throughout the seasons of any one year and also from year to year. The designer must consider both the short and long term evolution of the plants within the context of their environment.

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Garden Maintenance

A well designed and expertly constructed garden will look beautiful upon completion, but it will only remain so with proper on-going care. A carefully designed programme of garden maintenance will ensure the garden, and the plants therein, develop and thrive over time. Living Colour Gardens has a team of qualified horticulturists who work all year round maintaining gardens, with the focus very much on individual plant care and nurturing alongside the more aesthetic aspects of garden maintenance.

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Project Management

Creating a garden requires coordination between vendors, sub-contractors, building inspectors and the client. Living Colour Gardens oversee the entire garden project ensuring that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. This involves regular site visits to monitor progress, the signing off of work as it is completed and the certification of completed work. The Living Colour Gardens project management team will oversee both in-house design and build projects as well as those of other garden designers and developers.

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