September 21

Chelsea show gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Remember the hot days of summer? Let’s keep on remembering with a new example of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show: the category winner in the artisan section, The Sculptor’s Picnic Garden. Designed by Graham Bodle, the oak branches reminiscent of antlers are meant to create a semi-enclosed space, a garden of contemplation, tranquility and relaxation.


The planting cosists of conifers, grasses and shady groundcover plants creating a woodland planting theme.


Detailing is very important to emphasise the message of the garden. Seeing these objects; the leftovers of a woodland picnic, some apples and a blanket, all we want to do is to get into that garden, sit down and relax.


An example of a cute groundcover conifer: Pinus mugo.


Another shady groundcover favourite, Asarum europeaum, the European wild ginger.


A well-deserved gold medal and best in category award for this design, which perfectly showcases the atmosphere of an artisan garden.




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