June 16

Planting day in the Chilterns

Created by Anna Kapuvari

One of the best things in gardening is to create a plant border with lots of different colours and textures. We had a lovely planting day in the Chilterns where we planted a 28m long border. Here is how we did it.

The plants are queuing up like soldiers in the front line, ready to be planted. Soil preparation has already been done, as the first important step. The new plants establish better in loose soil mixed up with organic matter or green waste.


Any plants that had to be removed from the border were placed in the wheelbarrow, so it is easier to transport them to their new place elsewhere in the garden.


Plants that were left in situ were tied together to protect them while we are working on the border.


Flowering plants are delicate to move, but you can try it with a fork if the soil conditions are right.



Finally, we lay out the plants in pots based on our planting design. We had to put them horizontally as it was a windy site. All that needs to be done is to place them into the soil with some chicken pellet or other organic feed.


Everything was based on proper planning: we made certain plans with mature plant sizes and correct flower colours to ensure that we did not overplant, and there is flower interest all year around on the border.


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