May 12

Recent 3D designs

Created by Anna Kapuvari

This is one of our most recent SketchUp 3D designs for a garden in Queen’s Park; it features cottage planting, raised beds, and a secluded spot in the back where an author can get some writing done in peace.


There is a Shepherd’s hut and an outdoor eating area shaded by a pergola on the rear patio, which is surrounded by railway sleeper terracing and steps leading up to the level of the back garden. From inside the home, we can see the garden like this:


Our bird’s-eye view of the garden allows us to take in its intricate layout in its entirety:


As we exit the kitchen, this is the vista that greets us; the raised beds contain fragrant herbs that will be used in the culinary process.


All across the landscape, you can find terracotta pots holding annual bedding arrangements.


A look at the borders, which are densely planted with annuals, herbs, and perennials that spread by self-seeding. Fences made of hazel hurdles draped in fragrant climbers will surround the area.


Back patio seating area, complete with twinkling fairy lights.



Imagine yourself curled up with a good book and some grapes from your vine in the seating area next to the path.


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