September 28
Garden office

Garden office for family garden

Created by Anna Kapuvari

You need a quiet place to work, think or just be alone for a while? There is no place for that in your house? Make a space for yourself in the garden! Here is a case study of one of our latest completed designs in Fulham.

The pictures below show how the garden looked like before and during the construction.





Some images right after planting the raised timber beds with highly scented bee-friendly herbaceous plants, including Erysimum, Campanulas, Verbenas, Salvias and Agastaches.




The office takes place at the bottom of the garden, being half-hidden by another planter in front.




One month later, the plants have already started to grow thanks to our careful soil preparation.




Two months later, the plants have completed their job: the garden was full of bees and butterflies and lovely scents in the air. It is a nice walk through the garden going to work in this little office.


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