May 18
Garden office

Garden office for family garden

Created by Anna Kapuvari

You need a peaceful setting to work, reflect, or just be by yourself for a time. It has no place in your home, do you? Create a spot in the garden for yourself! Here is a case study of one of our most recent projects that we conducted in Fulham.

The garden’s appearance both before and during construction is seen in the photographs below.





Here are some pictures taken immediately after the raised timber beds were planted with fragrant, bee-friendly herbaceous plants including Erysimum, Campanulas, Verbenas, Salvias, and Agastaches.




The office is located at the foot of the garden and is partially obscured by the planter in front of it.




Thanks to our meticulous soil preparation, the seedlings have already begun to flourish one month later.




When the plants finished their task two months later, the garden was teeming with bees, butterflies, and delightful aromas. Walking through the garden to go to this tiny office for work is pleasant.


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