April 12

Top 10 everlasting perennials

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Having colourful flowers is one of the best thing in creating gardens – living colours popping up in your borders and inviting bees and butterflies to your garden. Our selection consists of the most flower-full ones which will give you a prolonged colour interest whether they are planted in a border or in a container.

  1. Libertia grandiflora

    An endemic plant species form New-Zealand, which perfectly adopted the conditions in the UK, especially in London. A clump forming grass-like perennial with tall white flowers followed by berries which will stay on all winter. Requires a sunny sheltered location for it to best survive if frost occurs.

  2. Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’

    An all-time favourite, this plant will spice up any garden location with its spiky purple flowers. This Balkan clary will keep on erecting new flowers if deadheaded continuously, and positioned in a sunny location. It can also tolerate part-shade but will be less vigorous.

  3. Agapanthus africanus

    The African lily is a summer flowering perennial, but the leaves stay on all year around. It prefers acid soil conditions and full sun – it will survive in the shade but will not erect any flowers.

  4. Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’

    One of our favourite wallflowers, this plant will flower pretty much all year around if you keep cutting back the dead flower heads. It is a bushy evergreen plant with a wooden base, which will require full sun for the abundance of its flowers. It is perfectly suitable for roof top containers.

  5. Centranthus ruber

    The red valerian is a Mediterranean species with slightly fragrant flowers. It is semi- evergreen with a wooden base, and will self-seed freely in your garden, if you let it. To avoid it being invasive, cut back the flower-head in late July before they set seeds.

  6. Geranium ‘Rozanne’

    One of the best trailing plants in a garden – perfect for reclaimed brick or timber raised beds. It is a vigorously spreading perennial with violet-blue flowers with a long flowering period – between early summer to late autumn. It survives most soil conditions and even flowers in part-shade.

  7. Verbena bonariensis

    The Argentinian vervain is one the tallest perennials in a garden that you can get: exceeding at 2.5 meters. Its purple clusters of flowers are highly liked by bees, but you can only enjoy them if you can this vigorous perennial back each year to the ground, and keep on deadheading it as well.

  8. Alchemilla mollis

    Another amazing trailing and ground cover plant which is perfect for raised beds. The lady’s mantle bears slightly hairy, soft-green leaves which is its best feature, as it has dewetting properties and keeps on the water beads like tiny pearls. It also has light yellow flowers during the summer.

  9. Nepeta x faassenii

    This garden cat mint will not make your or your neighbour’s cats crazy – it is not the true cat mint, although it has nice aromatic silver-green leaves. The violet flowers appear during the Summer, and if kept deadheaded will stay on until late Autumn.

  10. Erigeron karvinskianus

    Our last but not least member of this top 10 list is perennial flowering from Spring till Late Autumn – a perfect trailer and sunny ground cover that will survive in any little soil. The Mexican fleabane has daisy-lie white flower heads and will form a continuous mat during its growing season. It prefers full sun, and cannot survive in clay soil condition.

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