May 4

Top 10 Overhead beams and vertical gardening

Created by Anna Kapuvari


Vertical gardening is one of the best ways to enlarge your planting space and create different layers in the garden. The materials range from wood to metal, and it is always advisable to choose a custom design to create something truly one-of-a-kind and well suited to the available area.


  1. Timber pergola

    timber-pergola-simple-but-greatA simple but effective way to create slight shade and structure for your climbing plants. It creates a secluded space that is only partially confined.

  2. Painted pergola with hanging features

    pergola-with-swingWhy not hang swings and hammocks from your pergola? Nothing better for the youngsters than a garden full of surprises.

  3. Archway with trellis

    timber-archway-with-trellis Wooden archways can provide a sense of entrance into your garden as you may step into the quiet and tranquil space. The use of square trellises can direct the upward growth of vines in the intended direction.

  4. Metal pergola

    metal-pergolaTo add a romantic aspect in your garden you can use this rustic handmade pergola made of corrugated iron. Climbing roses look especially lovely with this feature.

  5. Arch with fairy lights

    arch-with-fairy-lightsNothing better for a backyard party then lighting up your features with decorative lighting. You can place fairy lights on your timber arches among the climbing plants.

  6. Vertical gardening with crates

    vintage-crates-fixed-to-the-wallOur design in this pub herb garden incorporates ancient wine crates packed with herbs which are used in the kitchen for cocktails and cooking. Reusing old materials guarantees a one-of-a-kind quality that is both inexpensive and kind to the earth.

  7. Brick archway

    brick-archSuited for more spacious gardens, this brick arch invites you to the garden giving a beautiful entry with a scented lavender walk.

  8. Pergola with bamboo screen cover

    pergola-with-bamboo-coverTo protect ourselves from the sun or the constant rain of leaves from a nearby tree, we can install a bamboo screen, which is both inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, especially in an exotically themed garden.

  9. Trick entrance

    timber-arch-with-fairy-lights-and-mirrorAt the beck wall, a mirror is concealed in a timber arch, suggesting that this might be the gateway to a magical forest. With strange stepping stones and logs leading into the wooden archway, this garden was created with children in mind.

  10. Simple posts with wires

    timber-post-with-wiresIn order for climbing plants to achieve the ideal closure, only a few wires need to be strung between vertical poles.

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