January 18

Top 10 Benches in gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari


Most of us will agree that one of the best things about gardens is relaxation. Nothing better than sitting down in the sun with a magazine, watching our flower display in our borders or chatting with our friends. As gardeners say it: watch the grass grow. Here is our fine selection of garden seating areas.

  1. Oak bench to tie in with the oak decking
    1_Oak bench (1)A harmony in materials for a small garden, so we do not use too many different textures. The back of the bench is a reclaimed brick retaining wall which helps framing the benches by box balls and ferns.

    1_Oak bench (2)

  2. Softwood sleeper benchesStepping stones through the lawn are leading to the seating area, where the benches are under planted with ferns to soften the shapes.
    The backdrop is a dense evergreen scented jasmine cover.

    2_Softwood sleeper benches

  3. Bench for lounging and entertaining3_Bench for lounging and entertaining
    A place for entertainment, eating, drinking. The benches are made of hardwood decking boards and timber posts with wires for climbers.
  4. Hidden bench
    Framed by Geranium ‘Rozanne’, scented jasmine and blue Agapanthus, this reclaimed bench is a perfect place for relaxation in the sun. Made of reclaimed bricks and reused sleepers.
    4_Hidden bench
  5. Decked topping with rendered look
    5_Decked topping with rendered look
    A contemporary example, where the render of the walls blends with the natural York stone paving. The lid lifts for storage, useful to put away cushions.
  6. The zig- zag bench
    A floating effect with evergreen under planting. The bench is made of balau decking boards which adds to the contemporary jungle effect.
    6_The zig- zag bench
  7. Concrete bench
    7_Concrete bench (2)A hidden space at the back of the garden with a sandstone capping to tie it into the rest of the garden design. A little space for meditating by the water feature and hear the flow of water, have a step back from life.

    7_Concrete bench (1)

  8. Hardwood deck boards
    The zigzag shape follows the planted beds behind, framing the green planting. The dark wood of the iroko affects nicely with the pale colour of the travertine paving. The bench is under lit, a perfect feature for a party.
    8_Hardwood deck boards
  9. Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds
    9_Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds (2)A perfect setting for an afternoon tea: aromatic herbs, ferns and Alliums planted in the raised beds around, while the pleached trees at the back give privacy for conversations.

    9_Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds (1)

  10. Simple sleeper bench
    Simple sleeper bench (1)
    A quick solution to a need for seating areas or the achieve a simple look next to our naturalistic gardens. Mirror at the back of the bench is make the garden look bigger.
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