March 22

Top 10 Benches in gardens

Created by Anna Kapuvari


The majority of us will concur that relaxation is one of the nicest things about gardens. There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the sunshine with a magazine, admiring our flower arrangement in the borders, or conversing with our friends. Watch the grass grow, as they say in gardens. This is our lovely assortment of outdoor sitting options.

  1. Oak bench to tie in with the oak decking
    1_Oak bench (1)
    A small garden requires a balance of materials, so we avoid using too many distinct textures. Box balls and ferns assist frame the benches, which have reclaimed brick retaining walls as their backs.1_Oak bench (2)
  2. Softwood sleeper benches
    To access the seating area, stepping stones are placed throughout the grass. Ferns are planted beneath the benches to soften their geometric features.
    A thick, jasmine-scented, evergreen canopy forms the background.
    2_Softwood sleeper benches
  3. Bench for lounging and entertaining3_Bench for lounging and entertaining
    A location where people can have fun, dine, and drink. The benches are constructed from hardwood decking boards and supports with climbing wires.
  4. Hidden bench
    This old bench, surrounded by Geranium “Rozanne,” fragrant jasmine, and blue Agapanthus, is the ideal spot for sundowning. constructed with recycled bricks and repurposed sleepers.
    4_Hidden bench
  5. Decked topping with rendered look
    5_Decked topping with rendered look
    An contemporary example from today where the natural York stone paving and the render of the walls mix together.
  6. The zig- zag bench
    A planting of evergreens that creates a floating impression. The bench is made of balau decking boards which adds to the contemporary jungle appearance.
    6_The zig- zag bench
  7. Concrete bench
    7_Concrete bench (2)A secret area at the back of the garden that is capped in sandstone to match the rest of the landscaping. A small area for meditation near the water feature where you may hear the water flowing and take a break from everyday life.7_Concrete bench (1)
  8. Hardwood deck boards
    The zigzag pattern frames the green planting by trailing behind the planted beds. The iroko’s dark wood and the travertine’s light colour complement each other well. The bench’s dim lighting is ideal for a gathering.
    8_Hardwood deck boards
  9. Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds
    9_Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds (2)The raised beds around are filled with fragrant herbs, ferns, and alliums, while the trees in the back provide privacy for chats. This is the ideal place for an afternoon tea.
    9_Oak sleepers on rendered raised beds (1)
  10. Simple sleeper bench
    Simple sleeper bench (1)
    A speedy answer to the demand for seating areas or to create a straightforward appearance next to our naturalistic gardens.
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