January 9

Tips on Gardening Services in London: Cleaning and Maintenance

Created by Anna Kapuvari

tips-on-gardening-services-in-london-cleaning-and-maintenanceHaving and keeping your very own garden is a non-stop task that involves ensuring that your plants have the care that they need. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your vegetation, you can always get gardening services in London from reliable companies like Living Colour Gardens. Here are some maintenance jobs you can do yourself:






tips-on-gardening-services-in-london-cleaning-and-maintenance-2To prune a tree or plant means to trim away dead, decaying or just simply overgrown branches or stems for the purpose of improving its growth and fruitfulness. When trimming large foliage trees, though, you should keep away from using shears, as they might cut leaves off in half, leaving the rest to rot. Use secateurs instead.




Ah, the ever annoying and persevering weed problem – if you don’t want to have to keep pulling them out every month or so, use a trusty brand of weed killer and spray all over the pesky plants as soon as they begin to sprout. Covering as much of your garden’s soil with plants should also significantly decrease the risk of weeds.


tips-on-gardening-services-in-london-cleaning-and-maintenance-3Mow your lawn regularly so they don’t end up covering most of your yard from view, moreover, removing the tips of the grass blades should make it a lot more dense and healthy. In line with this, you should also maintain your mower’s condition and make sure that it cuts nice and sharp. A dull mower will only damage the grass.





Winter care

tips-on-gardening-services-in-london-cleaning-and-maintenance-4After a day of heavy snowfall, make sure that you clear snow off your conifers or hedges so it doesn’t crush or disfigure the plants under its weight. You can even pack tree or shrub branches with straw, and pile lots of mulch over roots to protect them against the freezing cold.

Efficient garden maintenance of Londonhomes is always necessary to make sure that your yard remains healthy and green all year long. In doing so, you will have to spend less in having it restored or the dead and decayed plants completely replaced from time to time. Whether you do it yourself or you’re hiring the services of a garden maintenance company, see to it that these tips are done.

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