April 23
Container gardening

Container Gardening

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Container Gardening

We are on a front garden crusade at Living Colour Gardens. As well as designing and installing bin storage units, containers can make such a difference to outside spaces which might otherwise just be left empty or at best, a parking space for the bicycle.

Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas such as London, where space is limited and many outdoors spaces are paved. Planting in containers offers flexibility with the garden design, with many different sized planters available now in a variety of materials.

This front garden in Kensington was recently transformed into a vibrant space for a variety of plants and included a green roof on the bin store unit. As one of the leading London garden designers, James Walsh is keen to look at the most creative possibilities in urban spaces such as these so as to extend to a garden area as much as possible.

The picture below shows the front area before work commenced.


The images that follow show the front garden finished.  Drought resistant plants were used to tie in with the herbs on the bin storage unit. The herbs include sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, chives as well as lavender. The scents help to disguise any odours emanating from the bins.


A wide variety of containers is now available – both regarding material and size. These rectangular fibreglass planters were finished in a matt lead colour, contrasting nicely with the white paintwork of the house exterior.


Plants include alliums, akebia quinata, libertia formosa, geranium ‘Rosanne’, salvia caradonna, and verbena bonariensis.




The bin store unit was built on-site and bespoke fitted in place. Ipe hardwood battens form the attractive outer cladding and herb garden sides. A drainage layer is in-built under the soil.

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