July 30
3D designs

Recent 3D designs

Created by Anna Kapuvari

Have a look at one of our latest 3D designs made in SketchUp: a family garden based in Ealing. Walking out form the house, there is an L-shaped patio with a dining table creating a transition area between the kitchen and the garden. From the dining table, we can view the whole garden: the lawn area, the symmetrical borders at both sides with multistemmed birch trees, the pergola and the raised bed at the rear garden.



The pergola serves two purposes: provides structure for climbing plants and creates an adventurous place for kids to play, featuring swings, a slide, monkey bars and a raised platform.



A view from the dining table:


The retaining wall and the steps leading up to the raised are made of natural stones, leading to the bamboo area, which hides the kids’ trampoline.


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