April 28

Top 10 Storage units and bin sheds

Created by Anna Kapuvari

We all suffer from shortage of storage spaces especially in some front gardens. Creating a tidy garden starts with an appropriate- sized shed. These are some instances of bin stores and storage containers that were cleverly built.

  1. Cedar bin shed

    Nothing extravagant, simply a basic IPE hardwood building with shelves inside, flush with the existing yew hedging. Stores up to four bins and creates a straightforward yet effective structure.

  2. IPE hardwood bin store with planting on top

    Would you wish to get rid of the garbage regions’ odour? The best solution is to plant some fragrant Mediterranean herbs on top to cover up the odours.

  3. Tall shed for garden tools

    A straightforward building built to house all of your gardening tools vertically, including a fork, a spade, a lawnmower, and a separate shelf for smaller tools, is the cedar clapboard shed with a cedar shingle roof.

  4. Spacious bin storage for wheelie bins

    Shed sizes can be increased if you have the room and a lot of items to store. You may effortlessly pull out your bins with the aid of a tall, cosy construction.

  5. The absolute rustic

    You just have a small path to move on; there isn’t much room around you. This long, narrow storage container made entirely of rustic, salvaged materials fits perfectly in a front yard.

  6. Softwood shed

    If it’s raining, you don’t need a large store, but you’d still like to store your chairs there. Employ a structure like this light softwood shed to go with the colourful cottage landscaping around.

  7. Reclaimed wood and planting on top

    3 storage places in a reclaimed pinewood bin storage box. Using aromatic herbs to mask bad odours, the top planting continues the cottage-style planting of the front garden.

  8. Shed combined with pergola

    The pergola joined by a cedar framework. A lovely narrow building that is perfect for storing gardening equipment and tableware for the tiny coffee table and chairs.

  9. Seat storage

    If you don’t have enough room for a shed, you can still use the space under the bench for a cleverly hidden storage box.

  10. The ultimate fit

    We can build a shed that will accommodate your bins even in the most awkward locations, and we can add some vegetation to the top to add some lighting.

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