June 1

Top 10 Smart Designs for Small Spaces

Created by Anna Kapuvari

London gardens can be challenging sometimes regarding the available space. But with the right design, smart choice of materials and special features, you can create a harmonious layout even in a petite courtyard. Have a look through our top 10 design ideas for inspiration.

  1. Level changes and raised beds

    Create a dynamic layout by creating several layers vertically, thus making your raised beds more interesting. Small details are highly visible in a small space, so even a raised bed edging can be interesting.

  2. Bespoke benches

    Nothing says relaxation louder in a garden than a well-designed bench with cushions. If you have a small garden, but like to have friends around, make sure you go for the bench option instead of chairs as it can accommodate more people. Having them built-in a raised bed can make them even more interesting as you can create a green backdrop, or you can plant up your raised bed with scented culinary herbs.

  3. Lighting

    Uplights under a tree, or fairy lights on a pergola can make all the difference, when you are trying to create an atmospheric setting. If you are busy during the day, and mostly using you garden in the evening, make sure you play with light installations.

  4. Views and mirrors

    When it comes to optically enlarge your space, mirrors are the best solution. Make sure you position them in a place where they can reflect a nice view, or extra light, for example afternoon sunshine reflection. Frames can be also useful when you have an undesirable view, but would like to show off only the nice parts.

  5. Interlocking shapes

    This is very important in a small space: too many materials or too many shapes may cause a crowded, messy layout. Keep the shapes simple, and mirror them in an other feature, for example use a round table for a circle patio. You can also reinforce the main shapes in the garden with atmospheric lighting.

  6. Multiple purpose features

    Most gardens have users from many age groups. Maybe you have kids who like to play in the garden, while you would like a space for just relaxation. Mix up the two purpose, and create something for everyone to enjoy. This daybed below functions as a cool hangout for adults at the bottom, while the top can be climbed and explored by kids.

  7. Portable furniture

    Still the easiest way to create a dynamic space with many purpose if you use portable furniture: lounge chairs, small fire pits, coffee tables can be easily stored away in a small shed depending on what you feel like doing.

  8. Vertical space

    If you only have a small courtyard garden, but have many needs, make sure you use all the space available – even the air. If you have a small pergola, you can hang pots, hammocks, swings and lights on the beams, thus making a multipurpose, highly creative space.

  9. Keep it simple

    A general rule in small space design is to keep the layout simple but mix up the materials. This way, we show a versatile side of the garden, with different surfaces, uses and atmosphere.

  10. Small gardens = small details

    Make sure you create something unique even in a small garden: an edging detail in the paving, a small hidden sculpture, a view hole in the trellis work or a small water feature. Anything to make your garden stand out and show its best.


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