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New rendering with planting

Located in Acton

All gardens need some rejuvenation from time to time: planting can over- mature and the rendering can become tainted. Painting the walls to a new colour can be tied with a new planting colour combination.

Cottage garden planning and planting

Located in Queen’s Park

Creating a cottage garden scheme is all about planning as knowing the correct flowering time is essential for the colour combination and to make sure continuous interest through all the seasons.

Renovations inside and out

Located in Brook Green

Sometimes we join projects during a house reconstruction. The building materials will need storage space, and where possible we will use your own garden: our job is to save anything that is worth keeping for the future.

Modern family garden with an office

Located in Fulham

The ‘before’ image shows a long garden which has to be divided to make it feel spacious. The walls are in good shape, the area at the back will be perfect for an outdoor office.

Autumn maintenance

Located in Brook Green

An autumn maintenance session on one of our designs: cutting back dead materials, collecting leaves and top- layering some mushroom compost to keep the plants fed during the winter period.

Exotic garden build-up

Located in Brook Green

If you already have an established garden, we will point out the advantages of the site and which feature we could save for the project, for example specimen trees, pots and planters.

The instant mature garden

Located in Ealing Broadway

The planting plan only shows the placement of the main feature shrubs and trees – the rest of the borders are our well-known mixture of reliable perennials, evergreen groundcovers and low shrubs.

Front garden build-up

Located in St John’s Wood

Building a front garden has many obstacles: it is an exposed site to the public and has some extra regulations regarding noise and timing of works. It is important to keep a neat working space.

Gravel garden construction

Located in Brook Green

The flatplan shows random paving slabs serving as stepping stones to reach the upper levels of the garden interspersed with planting in-between the gravel. The site has full sun position – perfect for a gravel garden.

Building up a contemporary garden

Located in Fulham

When building a project, we indicate the lines of raised beds, steps, benches and other features of the garden. Walking amongst the colourful chalk lines helps imagining the future layout.

Creating a tidy garden

Located in Acton

During our first site visit, it is our responsibility to point out problematic sites, dangerous elements or faults in the existing features – the site analysis is the first step in creating a new design.

Family garden based on a sketch

Located in Shepherd’s Bush

Hand-drawn sketch of the proposed family garden with fruit bearing espalier trees, timber pergola with swings, a Wendy house and garden office. A good base from which to develop the whole garden.

Bulb planting for Spring interest

Located in St John’s Wood

Most borders can look quite empty in early Spring. All the perennials need time grow into their mature height to develop flowers. With planting bulbs we can ensure some colours for this period.

From concept to reality

Located in Queen’s Park

Some of our projects involve collaboration with architects – rebuilding your house gives you a good opportunity to remake your garden as well, creating a relaxing transition area for you and your family.

Rustic garden from ruins

Located in Hammersmith

Sometimes an existing feature in the garden is a state of disrepair – but we can make it into its former glory. This brick archway was our starting point for the new design.

Composting, planting and clean-up

Located in Brook Green

Most small planting will start with careful ground preparation as this will ensure a good base for the roots to establish. Based on your existing soil, we will bring the correct compost with us.

Garden rejuvenating with planting

Located in Fulham

If you have an established garden, but the plants are unhealthy and you are unsatisfied with how they look, we can help with some new planting, deep cleaning and a general tidy-up.

Raised bed planting

Located in Ravenscourt Park

Raised beds require a different approach when planning the planting: they dry out quicker so the plants need to be more drought resistant than usual – they are ideal for Mediterranean and Alpine species.

A kid friendly design

Located in Brackenbury

The layout plan made in Vectorworks shows a separate section made for kids: a sunken trampoline to be incorporated into the garden design by wooden steps in the gravel and planting in-between.

Big project – small worry

Located in St John’s Wood

Every project needs a leader who can hold all the lines together and organize what is needed.  Our devoted team is ready to go forward every time, no matter what the weather.